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About Freshshare Blog

At Freshshare Blog, we aim to help you learn everything about computers and Internet. We will help you use different operating systems with ease, review shareware and freeware for Windows and Mac, Web Apps and much more. In short, we will bring all tips and tricks related to computers, to make your life easier and improve your productivity.

If you have any comments, suggestions or inquireies please contact Peter Malis:

      Email: Email address

      Twitter: @freshshare

Require a review/Submit a review

We focus on providing useful software tutorial and reviews to our readers. If you are a software publisher and would like me review your software products here on Freshshare Blog, please send an email to Email address and include the information below:

  • Subject with Require review.
  • A brief description
  • The URL of your website

You can also submit your review for free. Your review should have 300+ words and never published it on any other sites.

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